Beach and Tennis Club

In talking with a family member the other day about activities at The Royal Inn, I mentioned that our elderly residents enjoy free membership to The Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club of Lake Forest, just up the street from our homes. She laughed and said “my mom can’t swim and probably couldn’t do anything there.

I retold a story of a wonderful resident who was suffering from parkinsons. In his prime he had been a tennis instructor and his passion was the game of tennis. Now in his 80’s he could no longer walk due to the advancing of the disease but he went to the club twice a week…… with his two daughters, who played. He sat at the courts edge, calling lines, throwing out the balls and keeping score all the while encouraging his daughters and offering them tips on playing better. He was as close to the game he loved, with the people he held most dear. You never saw a bigger smile on a person’s face when he came home from “playing tennis!” ¬†There are Plenty of other activities and events like wine tasting, jazz night, and comedy night and many others….. one might just might be your, “playing tennis”.

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