The Royal Inns Senior Care Homes were established in Lake Forest Ca. in 1986. My wife Nanci and I have been the owners and facilitators since the day we welcomed our first resident. Along with our five children, I feel like we have nurtured and grown the Royal Inns into an extension of our family and created an environment that is warm, inviting, and joyful.

In case you’re wondering…… Nanci began a nursing career after high school and was soon managing 5 residential care homes in Mission Viejo. She was doing a great job when I swept her off her feet (she might argue with that assessment). As a young man in the Marine Corp, I was given the oportunity to perform volunteer work with The Muscular Dystrophy Association. This was an amazing experience providing care for some of the most incredible people I have ever met. It is through this life changing opportunity that I began to explore the idea of “care providing” for our elderly population.

Nanci and I have witnessed many changes over the years in Residential Care, once known as Board and Care, though one constant never changes. Our elderly in this great country deserve the very best care, compassion, and respect that we can possible give them. That is our simple goal here at The Royal Inns, to treat your loved ones as we treat our loved ones, no difference.nanci-with-resident2

After decades in the Senior Care Home business, Nanci and I realize that your situation with your elderly loved one is unique. Just when we think we have seen it all, we are reminded we haven’t. I mention this because even though we strive to provide the very best care in the most comfortable environment, we still may not fit your needs. No need to worry, we can still help. We are happy to offer our “over 50 years combined experience” (gosh that makes me feel old!) to point you in the right direction. We can identify others options for your situation and offer our recommendations to help you find the right care for your loved one.

Someone once told us that “we have a true sense of family.” If that is true, that sense was developed and grown at The Royal Inn. Residents are welcomed into this environment as another family member, and cared for with respect and honor. Through the years I believe we have not lost sight of that concept. In the end, “it is all about family”, yours and ours. Thanks for listening.

Al & Nanci Shelley